Facing technical glitches with antivirus software are common, but it is necessary to take right guidance at this time. You can connect with Bitdefender technical support team in such times.

turn on windows defender

The anti-malware component for windows, which is very useful, is the windows defender. At first, the release was for windows seven and windows vista. However, now the windows defender comes under consideration as a good security component for Microsoft.

  1. You need to click on the start menu, and then you need to type into the search bar “Defender.” To bring the search bar, you need to press the Windows key with Q. This shortcut will help you launch the search function on your system.

In this result list, Windows Defender should appear. You have to click on it to launch the program. This will help in taking you straight to the programming dashboard. After this, you need to skip ahead to step five.

  1. You will get a message after this saying, “this application has been turned off and isn’t monitoring your computer”. Then you need to search for “Action Center” in the start menu and then click it to open. If you are facing any problem, Bitdefender antivirus support number is there to help you.
  2. In the action center, you need to click on the security tab, which program is managing the Spyware. After this, if you want to replace an existing antivirus. You need to first uninstall the current suite via the program’s menu, which is in the control panel. If you want to know anything, Bitdefender technical support is there to help you. 

After uninstalling any existing antivirus program, you need to type “defender” in the start menu again and then click on the program. When the work is completed, you will get the message “Click here to turn it on.”

Then you need to click on the lick to enable Windows Defender. When you notice a green bar, the defender has been fully updated and is ready to protect your computer. Contact on Bitdefender helpline number to know more.