Norton the world renowned brand known for its protection against the malware and threats it keeps millions of PC protected. It’s progressive updates make it more compatible and user-friendly, Norton Antivirus renewal has made it more effective and efficient while dealing with the threats and issues of our computer system. And Norton customer service also plays a major role, as the certified expert guides users to fix their issues.

Norton Power Eraser Virus Removal Tool

Norton power eraser virus removal tool is free and can be downloaded and run to eradicate all the viruses and malware from your PC. Well Norton power eraser can be used even though you have Norton product, or any other Antivirus product installed in your PC. This tool can be used in safe mode if you cannot activate your computer in normal mode. Norton power eraser is trouble-free to download and it scans your PC swiftly to track the most warring system viruses.

Well in this blog we are going to discuss how to use Norton Power eraser virus removal tool as it is suited with computers running Microsoft windows operating system only. It is not compatible with systems running on Mac OS, Android, and IOS.

Norton power eraser tool uses the productive method to trace threats, and there are chances that it may select some valid program for removal that’s why be careful and review the scan results page before deleting the files.

For more information you can contact the Norton customer service phone number regarding the Norton power eraser tool.

Run and scan Norton power eraser tool

  1. Firstly download Norton power eraser.
  2. Tap save.
  3. Choose the location as the desktop, and then tap
  4. Open exe file to run Norton power Eraser.
  5. Carefully go through the license agreement, and tap accept.
  6. Select Scan for the Risks symbol, in the Norton power Eraser tab.
  7. Originally Norton power eraser tool does a rootkit scan and needs a system restart. When displayed on your screen Restart then click Restart.
  8. Wait until the scan is completed.

Repair the risks

  1. When the scan is completed by Norton power Eraser it shows the scan results. The items which the tool considered as threat, is displayed as Bad and recommended action as Remove or The items which require further review are shown with the status as Unknown.
  2. Relying on the situation, do any of the things.
  • If displayed No risk found, then no risk has been traced in your PC simply press ok to exit
  • If displayed on screen any files as Bad then the remove check box under action is looked automatically. It is suggested to eradicate these files. And if the repair check box option is seen then these files will be repaired after restarting.
  • If displayed any files on the screen as Unknown, select the cloud symbol near to it . As it sends the file to Norton server for scanning and uses old method based tracking engines.
  • If cloud scan result display Bad for any file select the Remove check box
  • If the result shows Unknown do not remove the file as it needs more analysis.
  1. Ensure to create the system restore point before proceeding with fix look whether the box is selected.
  2. Tap Fix now.
  3. Tap Restart if it is displayed in the system to complete the removal process.
  4. At last tap

For advanced troubleshooting Norton power Eraser provides the scan option for its users.

  • Open Norton power eraser.
  • Go through the licensee agreement, and select
  • Select the Advanced scan
  • Depends upon the type of scan option that you want to utilize select the scan symbol
    • Reputation scan
    • System scan
    • Multi Boot scan
  • At last follow the displayed on screen instructions to complete the scan process.
Configuration settings

Norton power eraser gives its users an option to set up an network proxy, adjusting log settings, muilty-boot check and rootkit scan

  1. Open Norton power Eraser.
  2. Accept the license agreement.
  3. Tap settings from the top most right side.
  4. Tap configure to configure network proxy settings if your network utilizes proxy settings to connect with the internet.
  5. Do one of the following
  • Choose automatically detect settings if you are not sure about the proxy network.
  • Utilize automatic configuration script and then enter the script in the URL textbook
  • If you know the proxy network then choose the use a proxy server for HTTP connections. And enter the server address and the port number
  • In case the proxy network needs authentication choose Connecting to my firewall or proxy server requires Authorization. Enter your user name and passcode.
  1. After this procedure select apply and tap OK.
  2. If you want to scan files of other operating one system in case you have more than one operating system you can do so by selecting enable multi-boot check.
  3. Then to configure log settings, follow one of the point
  • If you want to change log file location then browse and select the new location.
  • If you want to delete the log history then select Delete log History.
  • And if you want to change to original settings select use default settings.
  1. Originally Norton power Eraser includes Rootkit scan. If you want to add it , uncheck include Rootkit scan
  2. Tap Apply and then hit
Check scan logs 

In every system scan the Norton power Eraser develops a log of important operating information.

The logs in XML format. For the good results use XML viewer

  • Open Norton Power Eraser.
  • Click accept after reading the license agreement.
  • Select the Undo previous fix
  • Select a repair session under previous Repair sessions and then tap
  • The log files open in the original web browser.

Backing up a fix to undo a previous Repair session

It might cross into your head that Norton power Eraser has improperly removed a file from your system. You can undo that process and restore the files by following the below steps.

  1. Open Norton power Eraser.
  2. Go through the license agreement and tap
  3. Hit the undo previous fix
  4. Select the session you want to undo from the previous Repair session.
  5. After that select the files that you want to undo from the previous Repair session.
  6. Then click Restart now to finish restore.
  7. After restarting the Norton power Eraser shows the files that were restored and then tap

Undo the previous Repair session utilising the cross os undo feature.

If your computer is using more than one operating system. which are configured for multiple boot. You can log in to your system using some other operating system. After word open Norton power Eraser to use the Cross OS undo feature.

  1. Open your computer system using the different Operating system.
  2. Open the exe file to start it.
  3. Go through the license agreement and select
  4. Tap settings in the top-right side.
  5. Choose Enable multi-boot check, and then select
  6. Tap undo previous Fix.
  7. Choose the operating system and user combination from the drop-down menu.
  8. Choose the repair session that you want to undo then select
  9. If Norton Power Eraser display to restart then select
  10. Then it shows the files that were restored after that select Done.

All the above provided points will help you to use Norton Power Eraser Virus Removal tool. And if faced any difficulties while operating it then contact Norton customer service and the best technicians will guide you to solve your issues.