Norton the world renowned Brand for its services to the society in keeping their computer system safe and sound. Norton internet security has been used by millions of people around the world and they trust it and believe in Norton customer service. If you face any issues you can call 24/7 at our Norton support number and the help will be provided immediately without any further delay.

Norton Customer SupportNorton antivirus is also known for enhancing your computer system as everyone feels irritated when our computer starts lagging and works sluggishly and takes forever to execute a single operation. Well Norton is in the limelight because it not only provides extraordinary protection but also enhances your computer system.

Well Norton technical support has proven to be one of the best as the certified expert can give advice to boost your computer systems without hindering it’s files.

Norton antivirus can also increase your PC momentum with capacity management and optimization tools and equipment which will make everyday tasks hassle free and more quick.

Some common causes behind computer slow down are

  • Rebooting has not been performed on your computer for a long period of time.
  • Corrupted disk or damaged hard disk might be the cause behind all this fuss.
  • Low memory storage might be the cause, In 2020 we need at least 8 gb Ram.
  • Too much overloading due paging can cause your system to run slowly.
  • Infected by viruses and malware another basic reason behind computer low performance.

So let’s check out how Norton can boost our computer performance.

Speeding up the computer startup time.

Well when we start our computer many applications are arranged to launch. These consist of application that are never used, hardly used or application that we never knew that we had. As these programs make your computer startup time slow. Here Norton startup manager helps you to deactivate or delay these startup applications and helps to increase the startup speed of your computer.

Disable or delaying startup items

  • Open Norton.
  • Double- tap performance in the Norton main window then tap startup manager.
  • Then in the startup manager window, do the following things.
  1. In the ON/OFF column, unselect the application that you don’t want to launch when your computer system starts.
  2. After that in the Delay start choose the application that you want to launch later only after the startup is finished.
  • Tap Apply and then select close.

Thus this will help to increase startup time of your PC and you can contact the Norton customer support if need any help.

Increasing the time it takes a application or file to load

The optimize Disk device rejoins the record pieces, which get scattered over your PC with time. It improves the PC execution with the goal that you work  more proficiently.

Execute optimize Disk

  • Open Norton.
  • Double- tap performance in the Norton main window then tap optimize Disk
  • As soon as it completes then tap close.

Eradicating temporary files and folders that make your PC sluggish.

Each time you browse or download records, your PC stores temporary documents. Despite the fact that you don’t have to keep them, they gather after some time and can back you off. The Document Cleanup device evacuates the messiness to make your PC run quicker.

Expel temporary files and folders

  • Start Norton.

On the off chance that you see the My Norton window, close to Device Security, click Open.

  • In the Norton primary window, double tap performance, and afterward click file Cleanup.
  • At the point when it finishes, click Close.

Optimising boot volume

Enhancement of your boot volume expands the usable free space by rearranging document pieces into adjacent and conterminous clusters. At the point when the drive leader of your hard disk gets to the accessibility of the document information in one area, the record is read into memory quickly.

Upgrade your boot volume

  • Start Norton.

On the off chance that you see the My Norton window, close to Device Security, click Open.

  • In the Norton primary window, double tap performance, and afterward click Graphs.
  • In the Graphs window, at the highest point of the security status Graph, click optimize.
Upgrade performance while playing games and watching movies

Ever played a game or viewed a film when your security programming began running and your screen solidified even under the worst conditions? You can set the Full Screen Detection tool to detect when you’re running a program that shouldn’t be interfered. Norton then holds up until you’re finished with the application before running the background task that keeps you protected.

Ensure that Full Screen Detection is on

  • Start Norton.

On the off chance that you see the My Norton window, close to Device Security, click Open.

  • In the Norton primary window, tap Settings.
  • In the Settings window, tap Administrative Settings.
  • Under silent Mode Settings, in the Full Screen detection row, move the change to On.
  • Tap Apply and then click Close.
Put an end to obstacles while using favourite application.

In case you think that Norton is reducing the speed for your favourite application, quiet mode settings disable Norton from operating while you use your program. Norton does not work until you are completed with your applications.

Running favourite application in Quiet Mode

  • Open Norton.
  • Tap settings in the Norton main window.
  • Click Administrative settings in the settings window.
  • In the user-specified programs inside the silent Mode settings Select configure.
  • Tap add in the quiet mode programs.
  • Locate your program in the Add program dialog box.
  • Choose the file then tap open and click

Programs that consumes resources and slow down 

Norton antivirus observes your PC and can warn you about the application or process that consumes an unusual amount of resources. You can stop these applications to increase the performance of your computer if you are not using these applications.

Identification of the programs that consume resources

  1. Open Norton.
  2. In the Norton primary window , double tap performance and then tap Graphs.
  3. On the left pane in the Graphs window, tap Usage.
  4. Do any one of the points given below.
  • To check the CPU graph, tap the CPU tab.
  • To check the memory graph, tap the memory tab.
  1. Tap at any point on the graph to get the list of resources utilising processes.

Tap on the name of any process to get extra information about the process in the file insight window.

These ways will help you to increase the speed for your computer because Norton antivirus not only protects the computer but also helps in increasing the performance of the computer it makes the old computer to run as smooth as the new one. And if face any difficulty go for the Norton support Number immediately and technical staff will provide the help instantly because customer satisfaction is our main priority.