As a Norton client, you are constantly suggested to download the most recent version of your Norton product for free during your administration period. Existing clients are likewise qualified to get free help just by calling on Norton support Phone number

Norton support Phone number

In case you’re utilizing Windows 7 or 8, you may have just saved a move up to Windows 10 preceding its July 29th discharge. In the wake of doing as such, Microsoft’s application similarity checker may show that your Norton on windows 10 is not compatible.

Norton is focused on guaranteeing consumers remain completely secured on the upcoming Windows 10 operating system. The new form of Norton product not only comes with upgraded security characteristics to battle ever-developing dangers however incorporates various exhibition advancements to guarantee your security software doesn’t impede you.

Sometimes users face Norton antivirus errors on the windows 10 to tackle that tech savvy can follow the given instructions and if the situation is a serious one then they can get in touch with Norton 360 technical support.

Firstly you have to Download the brand new version of Norton to install on a windows 10 system.

Go for the below steps to Download Norton latest version

Download Norton on your system

  1. Log in to Norton.
  2. In case you are not signed in to Norton account, then you will be prompted to log in. Enter your email id and password for Norton, and tap sign in. In case you don’t have a Norton account, tap create an Account and fulfill the sign-up procedure.
  3. Tap Download Norton in the get started
  4. Tap Agree and download.
  5. Depending upon your Browser do one of the following.
  • Click Run for the internet explorer
  • In case of Firefox or Safari : on the top right side of the browser, tap the download option to see the downloaded files and then tap the file that is downloaded.
  • On the bottom left side, tap the file that you have downloaded for Google Chrome
  1. And then the user account control window will appear, tap Continue
  2. Norton latest version is installed and turned on.

Norton on windows 10 is fully congenial beginning with the version launched on July 20, 2015 you must know that Antivirus do not support windows 10 builds, but except this you should not meet with errors or bugs when operating Norton on windows 10.

But there are some cases where users have reported about errors which stops them from operating Antivirus on windows 10.

To fix Norton errors on windows 10 

The easiest trick is to download and install the Norton fix tool. Usually, issues with Norton show up after a fractional or a defective installation. In the event that this doesn’t tackle your problem, run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool or check the System intermediary settings.

Below given are the few encountered Norton on windows 10 errors by users and the remedy to solve these Norton antivirus errors.

  1. Unable to find Norton in windows 10.

  • Install Norton fix tool
  • Single-click on the file and choose Run as administrator
  • A window will be displayed giving instructions to you about an updated version of Norton Antivirus should be installed
  • Then tap Next and follow the displayed instructions on the screen.

In case the upgrade window does not appear, visit your Norton account and install the product from there.

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Then setup > Download Norton
  • At last tap Agree & Download.
  1. Unable to launch Norton antivirus.

  • Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall
  • Open the tool’s symbol and then accept and agree with the license agreement.
  • Tap Remove & Reinstall > then go for Continue
  • Tap Restart Now to complete the uninstall procedure
  • Then after Restart, follow the displayed procedure to reinstall your Norton antivirus.
  1. Messages pops out saying install an updated version of Norton on your windows 10

  • Download and run Norton fix tool as discussed above
  • Download and run the Norton remove and reinstall instrument and follow the above given steps.
  1. Norton error 8504, 104

Norton antivirus error 8504 will be encountered if you are operating the third party security program, or in case installation error slipped when updating Norton.

  • Run Norton remove and reinstall tool to remove Norton antivirus.
  • Eradicate other non Symantec security devices by going to control panel > Uninstall or change a program and uninstall other non Symantec security programs.
  • Upgrade the video graphic driver:
    • Open Device Manager then Display adapters
    • Single click on the HD graphics card then properties
    • In the Driver tab , look for available updates
    • In case driver upgrade are available then download and install the brand new version of the graphics card driver
    • At last Restart your system.
  1. Norton error: 3048,3

This error happens only when the new version of Norton Antivirus has not been downloaded.

  • Run Norton
  • Move to security> Live update.
  • Stand by till the update completes and tap OK
  • Launch Live update till the message “Your Norton product has the brand new protection updates” is displayed on the screen
  • Then restart your system.
  • In case the above procedure does not help you in fixing the error then run Norton remove and reinstall instrument or get Norton 360 technical support.
  1. Error 8506,421 and 3039, 65559
  • Turn off and then turn on your computer.
  • Launch the Norton Remove and Reinstall device and just follow the displayed instructions to remove the Norton antivirus and install it again.
  • By chance this does not solve the error then download and run the Norton power Eraser
    • Open the exe file.
    • Tap Yes and accept the license agreement.
    • Inside the Norton power Eraser window choose unwanted application scan. As soon as the scan is completed the results will be displayed on the screen
    • Tap Uninstall and follow the displayed procedure on the screen.
    • At last Restart your system.
  1. Norton antivirus error 8505 , 129

check the Network intermediary settings.

  • Open control panel the go to Network and sharing center
  • Single tap the active network adapter then left tap the properties.
  • Inside the Network connection properties window then go to the connection uses > tap internet protocol or internet protocol version 4.
  • Tap properties.
  • In the Favored DNS server and Interchange DNS server boxes, type the two Norton Connect Safe IP addresses:
    • Favored DNS:
    • Interchange DNS:
    • Tal ok.
  • In the event that this activity doesn’t understand the issue, run a sweep with Norton power Eraser.

Norton on windows 10 will work perfectly and Norton antivirus errors can be easily rectified by following the above procedure and in the event of too many issues then call on Norton 360 technical support.