It’s not always easy to trust any security product but when the name Norton comes you can blindly put your faith in it. Norton antivirus has been protecting its millions of users since 1991. Norton antivirus has evolved with changing needs of its users and it’s speed and performance has been elevated. Though it’s a matchless security product but users number of times faces Norton antivirus problems. To spare it’s significant clients from the trouble and inconvenience, Norton offer it’s Norton support number and Norton technical support number to assist them out of their problems.

Norton Antivirus Problems

Norton antivirus problems occur rarely but these can be solved easily just need to follow some steps and thus the problem will be resolved but it takes little minutes. Norton customer service is there to guide you in difficult situations when the trouble is out of your reach and you are unable to understand the rectification steps.

Antivirus software is very important to our computer system but if the software becomes corrupted or causes problems even for a little it can be dangerous for our privacy. So as to get you out when you end up in this circumstance, this article will give you a general diagram of some basic troubleshooting steps that you can use to determine Norton antivirus problems.

In case you are unable to find the problem then you can use Norton Autofix to track and repair problems related with Norton security

Norton Autofix is an indicative tool that helps to locate and fix the problems with Norton antivirus automatically. If this also didn’t work you can go to Norton customer service.

Important note- Norton Autofix will not work in safe mode.

Run Norton Autofix

  1. Open Norton. You can locate My Norton near to device security and tap open.
  2. Then inside the Norton product main window, tap Help, and then tap Get support.
  3. Then do any one of the following in the Norton Autofix window.
    • In case there is an internet connection problem then make sure your device is connected and tap Retry to complete the Autofix procedure.
    • If you are still facing problems related to internet connection, tap Skip to continue with some other Norton Autofix procedure.
    • In case the issue is not resolved automatically then tap on the open support website for greater assistance.
    • If unable to connect with the support website then utilize the click here link to get Norton technical support number.
    • And as your problem is solved, tap

Problems like Norton Antivirus not starting or crashing.

In case you find that your Norton antivirus program is not opening or it keeps on crashing for no proper reason then you can follow the below procedure to troubleshoot your difficulty:

  • Exit all programs.
  • Restart computer in safe mode by pressing F8
  • Update your Norton antivirus software from the Norton website
  • Then restart your system in Normal mode and do a full scan of your system

In case the problem still persists then go for the next procedure.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Norton Antivirus

This is the common troubleshooting procedure that you can use firstly uninstalling and then reinstalling the software. Follow below steps to solve your problem.

  • Download Norton remove and reinstall tool from the Norton webpage
  • Run Norton remove and reinstall tool on your system and remove all Norton data and files and then restart the computer
  • After that sign in to your Norton account and download the Norton setup file
  • At last follow the on screen instructions to complete installing Norton antivirus software.

The above steps will help you in case of your Norton not opening or crashing. In case you are unable to perform above steps then you can call on Norton technical support number and our technicians will help you out.

Internet connectivity problem after installing Norton antivirus software.

One of the other common causes why Norton does not work correctly is because of bad network connectivity. Go for the below steps to solve network issue problems.

  • Pause multimedia streaming and downloads
  • Close the unwanted internet browser that are on
  • Delete your history and remove all the cookies so that your Norton antivirus can operate perfectly

In case it doesn’t work then go for next step

Disabling Norton firewall

Norton firewall might be hindering some application and giving rise to error in your computer system. It is possible that Norton firewall is not working properly and causing issues. Go for the below steps to disable Norton firewall.

  • Start Norton internet security
  • Tap settings, in the Norton main window
  • Go to settings and find firewall option and click it
  • Choose the auto-protect option and switch it off
  • Tap Apply
  • Then at list move to Personal firewall option and tap ok to disable it.

Thus it will help to fix internet connection problems but in case of emergency you can get in touch with Norton customer service.

If there is problem related to live update

  • Verify your system date and timing at the bottom right side of the monitor.
  • Adjust to current date
  • Restart your system and start the live update.

In case the problem still exists then download the intelligent updater.

Error 3039, 1 problem

This error occurs if there is a security defect. You can rectify it by following the below procedure.

  • Open Norton 360
  • Tap on settings
  • Switch on the sonar protection, early load
  • Start live update and go full system scan
  • Restart the system and look for this problem.

If the problem persists, please call on Norton 360 support number.

Well above discussed were some of the common problems faced by the user and in case you face any trouble while using these methods then you can contact Norton support number and request for some technical assistance to solve your Norton antivirus problems. Norton tech support is very much flexible and you will get 24/7 assistance. Our certified experts will be glad to solve your issues. You can also get in touch with Norton 360 support number to fix your problem related to Norton 360 technical issues.