In this blog we will talk about how to fix Norton error code 1026 on tour own and in case you are not able to fix it on your own what choices are you left with. Norton is the leading anti virus provider around the globe with millions of active customers surfing the internet without any fear of damage from malwares, viruses and any other cyber threats. Norton regularly updates itself and protects you from unknown threats in the digital world. Norton has a specialized technical support number where our executives are trained to deal with all kind of problems a customer may face while using the anti virus.

Norton Error 1026

Norton believes that a customer shall be able to use its antivirus without any hassle but there may be rare circumstances where some problem may arise but the user shouldn’t worry we have Norton 360 support number and our executives will solve the problem in no matter of time.

About Norton 360

Norton has joined with Life lock to provide users all best anti malware tool. Norton besides providing anti virus also provides users with Anti theft technology, VPN, and real time scanning of viruses. Norton 360 provide committed service and in case it fails to remove the virus which we don’t believe it will ever but in case it does the user can get back the refund now that’s something big we are not bluffing we provide committed service to our customers and their security is our top priority and we have dedicated Norton technical support to help users with any   problem.  Norton has a good will the cyber security market and it is because of the support of our customers that we strive hard to fight all the known and unknown digital threats everyday.

ERROR 1026

Before going to solve the problem we need to understand what does the error code mean. Error 1026 appears in Norton android mobile version. Norton antivirus helps user to have top notch security while using the internet but sometimes due to some glitches error code 1026 may show up. Error code 1026 means server error this in no way means that user subscription has ended due to some glitches the error code shows up but it is important that user addresses the problem as a top priority because when this error code shows up Norton antivirus doesn’t run the live scan and your device may be at threat from malwares and viruses.The subscription will be at active mode but still the user gets prompt “server error we are trying to resolve an issue that prevents us from solving your issue”this issue should bedealt at the earliest, This error code stops user from running the scan and stops the Norton mobiles ecurity app altogether from functioning the user should first check the status of the Norton mobile security on the PC version see if its active or not if its active and still the error code 1026 is being shown up he shall try the following steps on his own:-

to resolve this issue the first thing which the customer shall do is try signing out restarting the mobile and then signing in again this is the first thing user should do.

If the above step doesn’t work user should go to the anti theft division and then turn off the administrator settings and then again change to on.

The above step should solve the issue but in case it doesn’t user should do one last thing on it’s own that is the user should open the settings and then open app settings and then find the Norton mobile security application and then clear data and clear the cache of the application the  reopen the application. The user will be logged out of the app and has to login again with his credentials this step shall solve this issue but if doesn’t the user shouldn’t panic and call our technical support number +1 888-309-0939

Norton technical support

Norton 360 support number helps user solve the problems at the earliest. Norton error code 1026 is one of such problem here the there is a server error and the Norton mobile security app stops working this error brings many other problems with it like user cannot change his email without dealing with the problem and above all the device is at risk of being attacked from viruses and no one wants that so it’s better to take assistance from Norton technical support.  Norton technical support runs the live diagnosis of the problem and tells the reasons why this error code is showing up and helps user understand that the problem is from our end or the users end. Norton technical support is available at Norton support number +1 888-309-0939.  Our technical support won’t risk your device for long and suggest variety of solutions to address your problem.  Norton also has a dedicated community support on the web where the user can get solutions from other users who have idea about your problem. Norton technical support and Norton customer support is trained to deal with all the issues user can face. Norton technical support provides best services with highest standards.