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Norton Antivirus Error 8504,104

In this blog we are going to see the step by step solution to fix Norton Error Code 8504,014 and different manners by which we can contact Norton Customer Service help or in case  that you face any sort of error like Norton Antivirus ERROR 8504,104 you can straightforwardly call the Norton Customer Service Number you need not to stress by calling the Norton Customer Service Number you can discover the appropriate responses of each inquiry at one place and can redress the same ,being a specialized master isn’t a standards for benefiting the administrations gave by Norton 360. Norton has profoundly prepared specialists who are prepared for each circumstance they are equipped for solving your inquiries in a matter of moments Norton Customer Service shortens the gap between the Norton and the important customers wherein they can discover an answer for each issue may it be Norton Antivirus Error Code 8504,104 or some issue related to Norton Antivirus Renewal. Referenced hereunder are some of the ways by which you can reach Norton Customer Service to fix Norton Antivirus Error Code 8504,104.

Mentioned hereunder is step by step guide to fix Antivirus Error Code 8504,104.

Norton Antivirus Error Code 8504,104 is one of the normal errors.

It might be because of any malware infection or some other security application previously installed on your system because of the installation process of a mess and new Norton security is additionally causing some problem this is likewise one reason that the malware may prevent the Norton service from starting.


  1. In the first place, save the file on a “local disk” after you download “Norton Power Eraser” (NPE)
  2. “Run” “Norton Power Eraser” and accept the full process “License Agreement” and wait for the same to get finished.
  3. Now, in order to start deep computer scan for “Norton Power Eraser (NPE)” virus and malware infection, you need to tap on “scan for risk“
  4. After you are done with the process mentioned above, your computer can be rebooted and will perform a comprehensive system scan on the NPE startup.
  5. In order to complete system scan, you need to follow the instructions on the screen.
  6. The computer will restart automatically once the scanning is done .
  7. In order to uninstall Norton from your computer, give the command line and move it to “Control Panel” or “Control Room Program Magician” and run “: cpl” on the command.
  8. Then, reboot your Windows operating system.
  9. Make sure that Before wholly uninstalling Norton Antivirus you need to remove any Windows registry entries and files,
  10. Then you need to, “Download” “Norton Removal Tool” on your PC.
  11. Now, you need to follow the instructions on “Run” “Norton Removal Tool” and on the screen.
  12. Once the Norton antivirus completely removed, restart your computer.


  1. Prima Facie, you need to run Norton to run and restore the device
  2. In the first place , you would have to download Norton Extract and Reinstall Tool. Once you are done with the same, you must save the file to the Windows
  3. In case you wish to open the download window in your browser then just tap the combination of the Ctrl + J key.
  4. Now you would have to double tap on the NRnR icon.
  5. Now attentively go through the license agreement and then thumb on agree.
  6. After following the same you have to tap on the advanced option.
  7. Now you need to tap on Remove only.
  8. Then just tap on Remove
  9. You need to tap on Restart
  10. After rebooting your computer
  11. You need  to follow the instructions on the screen to restore Norton antivirus.

You can always reach Norton Customer Service or Norton Customer Support if you still face the issue  by various means

      As mentioned hereunder-


In case that you face any sort of error while benefiting the services given by Norton you can legitimately call the Norton Customer Service Number and the best thing about the client care is that you can call them whenever you face issue may it be 4’o check toward the beginning of the day or 2 o clock late night we will fix your Norton Antivirus Error Code 8504,104.

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You can talk with the profoundly skilled operators to determine every one of your issues like Norton Antivirus Error 8054, 104 as well as some other inquiries it is likewise one of the quickest path after the Norton Technical Support Number to determine your questions , visit support is open 24 hours per day and 7 days seven days regardless of whether you are in fact debilitated the specialists will remotely help you in any event, being actually crippled isn’t an obstruction in profiting the administrations gives by Norton 360 and the best thing about the equivalent is that you will get simple help with a practically no holding up time, Norton specialized help permit the client to contact the exceptionally talented help group by which they can advise there issues to the help group and consequently permitting a superior correspondence and successful strides in settling the issue.


Norton people group is where Norton customers, agents and others propelled by talk can meet online to discuss Norton Antivirus Error 8504,104. Whether or not you have an issue with your Norton product, you have Norton Antivirus Renewal issue. There is consistently an opportunity that you will as of now discover the solutions for your questions in the Norton Forums and henceforth a similar will permit you to determine the inquiry without anyone else and consequently sparing a ton of significant time. In case that you don’t discover the answer for the issue call us at our Norton Customer Service Number, we will settle your questions instantly and make your undertaking simple.


You can contact us through the online life stages like Twitter .We will settle your Norton Antivirus Error 8504,104 related issues and resolve some other issues like Norton Antivirus Renewal. We Are using each and every means by which we can resolve the issues looked by our valuable clients, you generally have the Norton Customer Support through which your inquiries will be settled in a faultless way.

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