In today’s blog, we will talk about Norton and Norton Product Error.

What is Norton & what are Norton Product Errors?

As we all know that in today’s world almost everything we do is connect with internet or online, so in order to do all these works with complete advancement we use various gadgets, applications and many more. But along with this technological advancement, we also have to keep focus on the virus and the harmful application which cause a great effect on the work, files that you are working on. To avoid this problem along with technologies experts have also designed an Antivirus (NORTON) which helps us to secure our data from dangerous & malware sites/ viruses.

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Norton is an anti-malware software product that was developed in 1991 to detect different virus that affects the user’s system and damages the files. As it is most advanced software to stop all the malware advanced issues, it also has some errors like Norton Product error “Unable to Activate” which can be resolved with best technical supports like- Norton support phone number, Norton 360 Support Number, Norton AntiVirus Renewal Support, Norton Internet Security Support.

According to the above description of the advanced antivirus, it sometimes faces an errors which displays as Norton Product Error “Unable to Activate”. This errors mostly occurs due to some technical glitch or maybe because of some malware sites. To avoid this errors it has troubleshooting methods which helps to resolve this errors leading to smooth functioning of the system with complete security.

Troubleshooting methods to resolve Norton Product Error “Unable to Activate”

Norton setup- It is one of the most used troubleshooting method to resolve this product error.

To resolve Norton Product Error “Unable to Activate” the user has to follow below detailed steps:

Step 1.

To activate the Norton antivirus, the user need to log in to it’s Norton Account.

Secondly the user has to send email installation instructions to the accessible or connected device in which Norton service is being used.

  • User has to sign in to his/ her account
  • Then download the respected file required for the installation and then click on next option to proceed further steps
  • After the above steps the user will get a link which leads to the installation process
  • From the provided link the user can install the Norton application of the respected device which also lead to installation option for various Norton product.

Step 2.

Installing Norton products with the help of email instructions

  • To follow the above steps, the user has to open the email sent by Norton which contains the another link to install Norton
  • Secondly select on Install option to proceed further.
  • The most important part is that before proceeding further a new pop up comes with various term and conditions which the user has to agree or accept and Download
  • After clicking on agree and download option click on the option from the instruction bar that will appear on the screen as SAVE OR RUN the files. Make sure to select the proper option given accordingly
  • Final step is to check whether the files has been downloaded properly or not. If not the download the file again properly.

Step 3.

Installing/ Download  Norton Products from Norton Account

  • One of the most common method to resolve the product error “Unable to Activate” can be resolved by logging in to the respected account and the go to the menu bar
  • Next the user has to select install option from the bar
  • Further proceed accordingly as per the given instruction on the page

After completing all the above stages select SAVE BUTTON and then open the application to check whether the files are downloaded properly or not.

As the user completes the above steps Norton will be installed and activated as

Step 4.

Norton Internet Security Renewal

  • Norton also provides the user with the option of security renewal in order to renew the subscription of the application as per the need
  • To renew the subscription, after logging in Norton Account the user has to select Norton Renew/ Activate Now in the main Norton Window
  • If the main windows shows subscription window then select and click on buy subscription.
  • A new renewal page will open with the confirmation page with option to buy the subscription or renew the application, the user has to go through the option and select the desired one option.
  • Lastly, he/ she has to sign in to the account with login credentials, if prompted.
  • After above steps the Norton Internet Security Renewal will be successful.

Customer services and technical support by Norton to resolve all the errors and queries of customer

So from above troubleshooting methods one can easily get out from this nasty Norton Product Error ” Unable to Activate”, and if still the problem of activation occurs nothing to worry because Norton provides the best technical support for the user like Norton support phone number, Norton 360 Support Number, Norton AntiVirus Renewal Support, Norton Internet Security  Renewal Support.

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