According to latest research of cyber crimes there is a cyber attack in every 3 seconds around the world. Everyday activities such as online shopping, banking transactions, surfing the internet put your identity at risk Norton has developed Norton 360 for this problem. Norton 360 comes with latest technology to fight the known and unknown threats in your device it also has a premium VPN service so that your location is not exposed to cyber criminals. Norton has millions of active customers and continuously adding by the time you are reading this blog the Norton family is continuously increasing.

Norton Error 3039

Norton is a world known brand protecting the privacy of its users perfectly it has upgraded itself   since 1991 and till now it has upgraded itself so perfectly that it has become the most dominating antivirus software over its contenders and not only its products are performing accurately but also Norton Technical Support is helping its users by providing accurate solutions to their issues 24*7.

You can call on Norton support number on Norton customer service phone Number to get instant assistance as these phone numbers fill the gap between Customer and Norton. Norton believes in 100% customer satisfaction. In this blog we are going to learn about Norton error 3039 and how to troubleshoot the problem and how to enjoy your Norton subscription at the fullest and how to connect to Norton technical support number.

What is Norton error code 3039?

Norton has developed its software keeping in mind every small requirement of the customers and it is the belief of its customers in Norton that which makes Norton strive hard for doing the best but there may be some rare instance where some problems for users may arise Norton error code 3039 is one of the such problem.  Before solving the problem, we need to understand the reasons for the problem. Error 3039 will frequently appear and will crash the entire active program window. Your system will frequently prompt the error code while running the same program. Norton error 3039 will be displayed on the screen. Windows will definitely run on sluggish mode by responding to mouse as well as keyboard input. The computer will periodically move towards freezes for a few seconds in short intervals.

Reasons for the Norton error code 3039?

Now that we have understood the nature of the problem of Norton error code 3039 i.e. it is a runtime error which occurs during the installation of the Norton 360 antivirus now we have to see the reasons why this problem is arising and as soon as you will realize the reasons behind the problem you will be easily able to solve the problem because as it is said solution lies in the problem itself lets continue by understanding the reasons behind Norton error 3039.

  1. Windows files or the files in the Norton service pack or the program files have been corrupted due to some virus attack.
  2. Another program may have mistakenly removed the Norton antivirus files.
  3. The download is incomplete
  4. Any other antivirus is already installed in your system.
  5. Your disk drive is full.

These are the major reasons behind the Norton error code 3039 and obstructs the Norton 360.

How to solve the problem?

Thank for bearing with us this long it will be soon we will solve your problem, till now we have been able to make you understand what is Norton Error code 3039, Why does this problem arise and a little about Norton technical support now lets move forward with the solution. After understanding the reasons behind the problem your mind would have automatically thought a solution, but in case it hasn’t we will help you in the series of steps we will help you resolve your problem earliest and in case we are also not able to help you what should you ?

Solution 1: Try reinstalling the software i.e. Norton 360. No, we don’t want you to leave us we just want that your problem be resolved at the earliest.

  • Go to control panel of your system
  • If you have reached there click on add or remove software’s
  • Search for Norton 360 there see to it you have closed the Norton 360 before uninstalling because you can’t make changes to the software that is already running.
  • Double click on the Norton 360 and your uninstalling will start bear for few minutes
  • Once when uninstalled restart your Pc
  • Now reinstall the Norton 360 again and enter the Activation code in your hand
  • This method of reinstalling the Norton software should solve your problem

Solution 2: Check the registry entries: Repair the registry entries associated with Norton error code 3039 this is bit of a technical work but if you can give this method a shot.

Solution 3: Cleanup the trash: Search for all the temporary files and junk files in your system you know how to remove that right? You don’t, worry not we will help you with that also just type” %temp%” or “Temp” in your command prompt of Run.  You will see all the temporary files in your system these files take a lot of space in your system and are parasites that stop innocent software’s like ours from running. So don’t give a second thought and delete all the temporary files. And try running our software we should probably get back at your service after this step.

Solution 4: Run a malware scan: There is already a malware sitting in your computer that is stopping us from installing so run a malware scan from your windows defender

Solution 5: You already have a antivirus installed in your system. In the world of antivirus polygamy is not allowed you can’t have two antiviruses in your system we have trust issues. Try uninstalling your previous antivirus which is stopping you from having us. And then install us again we will be happy to serve you then.

Solution 6: Insufficient disk space. Other files in your system have already taken lot of space in your system try removing some files from the drive in which you are installing Norton 360. And then install again the runtime error code 3039 should be gone by now.

You did everything written in this blog still you are facing the problem don’t worry like said earlier Norton believes in 100% customer satisfaction bear with us for few more minutes. To solve your problem Norton has a specialized Technical support and Norton online community which will solve your problem at the earliest.

Norton Customer Service phone Number: Norton has a dedicated 24*7 customer service we have highly trained executives who will listen to your problem and solve it at the earliest. Our executives are polite patient and well trained to deal with all your known and unknown problems they run the live diagnosis of the problem and solve your query at the earliest. Norton technical support is the part of the Norton Customer service they will tell you all the other possible ways by which you can solve your problem of Norton Error code 3039.