In today’s world, technology & advancement plays a vital role in our daily work. All the work are digitized- done online which reduces the time as well as effort. In the same way to do our daily life work with advanced technologies we also has to make sure that the work we do, the data we use is safe or not. Along with the technological developments another thing that is developing at large scale is virus and malware software which leads to great threat on the work we do.

Norton Product on Mac Devices

Yes we are talking about different malware and unsafe virus software that are used to hack people database causing a huge technical problem, so to avoid this problem- Norton has developed an antivirus which can easily resolve this kinds of problem and help the user to secure the data or the file that he/she is working.Along with this Norton also provides with different Norton Products on Mac Devices, with it best advanced technical support as Norton Technical support, Norton Customer Service Phone Number, Norton 360 Technical Support helping the user to resolve all the issues.

In today’s blog we are going to talk about Norton AntiVirus Software that helps the user to secure the file or date from online threats and errors.

Norton AntiVirus Software is one of the most advanced antivirus software which plays an important role in securing the date of the user.

Today’s this blog is about How to install Norton Products on Mac devices.

For all the Norton products, it has different steps for different Mac devices, Below given steps will tell you the procedure for the following work:

Process to install Norton Products on Mac devices

  1. Installation of Norton Device Product Security On Mac OS X 10.10.x (Yosemite) to OS X 10.12.x
  • In the case the user has to install Norton application in the respected system
  • But before downloading the files, one should make sure about Norton License Agreement and before proceeding read the agreement in order to avoid any future problems
  • Then click on AGREE option and then INSTALL
  • In few cases the application provides the user with the new menu to connect to Norton Community Watch for the security purpose of the system and the file, which send the Daigonos report about the products
  • To this it depends on the user whether to select NOW or MAYBE LATER
  • After completion of the above steps the user has to enter the Mac Administrator User Account and Password
  • After entering the above login credentials click on INSTALL HELPER option to proceed further
  • Wait till the installation process is complete then RESTART your Mac device, after restarting the devices the installation is completed.

2. Installation of Norton Device Product Security on macOS High Sierra 10.13.x to macOS Mojave 10.14.x

    • In case if the user has a Mac device of above specifications, then to complete this process the user has to follow the below steps
    • As per above steps the user should go through the agreement and select AGREE and INSTALL
    • Secondly after this the same option of Norton Subscription appear which depends on the user selection
    • Thirdly go through the process of providing the login credentials of the administrator account and the select INSTALL HELPER to proceed to further stages
    • After this the important steps comes up in the Norton Installation Window, where the user has to select OPEN NOW or CLICK here option that will appear on the window
    • Then select ALLOW option corresponding to the symantic message
    • After doing this, go to the Norton Installation Window and click CONTINUE
    • Final stage is to restart your Mac after completing all the above stages.

    3. Installation Norton device security on macOS 10.15.x (Catalina) or above upgrades

    • If the user has the above spec Mac device then the user has to follow the same steps as for the above devices
    • Go to INSTALL option and click OK
    • But before installing make sure to have the latest version of Norton Application Software
    • In some cases, the software will provide you with the option to subscribe the Norton application Community Watch which tells the user about   the potential security risks from the system as well as from the software
    • To the above option the user has its own will to select NOW or LATER
    • Then the most important part is to provide the administrator account login credentials and then Click to INSTALL HELPER option for further steps
    • The user system may show System Extension Block alert with a OK menu on it
    • Click OK, then go to Norton Installation Window and select OPEN NOW
    • In the new pop up menu go to SECURITY& PRIVACY option and click on the lock icon present on the bottom of the page & provide the system your login details( account id, password)
    • Then select UNBLOCK option
    • Finally click ALLOW to proceed further
    • After finishing the above steps RESTART your device
    • The most important steps after restarting the device go to Norton Windows Installation Window and open Preferences
    • Again go to SECURITY & PRIVACY option and click on the lock icon to Unblock
    • After selecting the given option the user has to enter its login details an select UNBLOCK
    • Then follow the provided steps by clicking ALLOW option till the process come sto an end
    • Last step is to go to Norton System Extension for NORTON INTERNET SECURITY EXTENSION and click COMPLETE.
    • With this you come to an end of installing Norton Products on Mac devices.

    With the help of the above given steps and procedure one can easily install NORTON PRODUCTS ON MAC DEVICES & along with this Norton also provides other helpful services for it user to resolve various queries.

    Services Provided By Norton For The Customers

    Norton provides the user with it well experienced experts to resolve various queries and problem with the best & advanced technical team which helps the user with different services according to the need

    • Norton technical support
    • Norton customer service phone number
    • Norton internet security renewal
    • Norton 360 Technical Support

    To conclude from the above explained different steps according to the devices the user can easily install Norton Product on Mac devices and even after the above steps if the user has any problem with the respective, the just reach us at our technical support. Have a query regarding above process just contact us @ Norton Technical Support or Connect Us Through Norton Customer Service Phone Number & Norton 360 Technical Support.