The Internet is dark and full of viruses, your identity and data is always at risk whenever you go online every second there is a cyber crime identity of these cyber criminals is unknown. You will not even realize how your information gets stolen and when your PC will be attacked by viruses which will corrupt your system sometimes beyond repair also, like everyone says prevention is better than cure i.e. it is better to stop the damage from happening rather than paying for repair. Norton has developed Norton 360 for all your Cyber security needs.

Norton Not Working Problems

Norton 360 protects your system from viruses, your identity from criminals and your sensitive information like your social security number, Your Bank details, etc from cyber thieves. Our Cyber law is not strong enough to catch these criminals but Norton 360 is strong enough to keep you protected. Norton 360 even comes with a premium VPN to help you access internet without exposing your location.

In this blog we will get to know about Norton 360 and problem of Norton not opening and Norton working problems through various methods which includes troubleshooting and Norton customer service and Norton support number. This blog will give you step by step idea about Norton not working problem and ways to fix it.

Norton is not opening?

Well you are reading this blog means you are in some trouble don’t worry we are here to help you. Norton not opening is a problem which many users face because of their system issues or for some other reasons. You are at constant risk because most probably Norton live scan would also not work which protects you from behind silently from viruses your identity and data will be at constant risk. Norton automatically blocks harmful websites which steal your data and warns you about the websites which can potentially harm you keeping you aware. Norton has an active customer base of millions of employees and every minute adding up making our family large. Norton has always believed in 100% customer satisfaction. Norton customer service bridges the gap between customer and Norton company our Norton support number is available 24*7 to address all your needs.

Why is Norton not opening?

Norton is designed in such a way that it will run in all the systems its requirements are not very high end. However, some unexpected errors may arise don’t worry we are prepared even for that. While making our product we keep in mind all the problems users can face while using the products and ways to fix it. So below mentioned are some of the reasons why your Norton 360 is Norton opening or working.

  1. So the first reason can be Norton is not properly installed in your system while installing the software some error may have raised at any point of time due to which our product is not working
  2. Low disk storage-This is one of the common reasons why this problem arises. The drive in which you have installed Norton 360 is full or about to be full.
  3. Many background programmes are running: – There are many background software’s and files running in your system that are eating up your ram and protecting us from working.
  4. There is already an antivirus installed in your system.

Fix Norton Not opening and Norton Not working problem: –

Now that you have understood the reasons for problem, we will help you with solutions for all the problems, please be with us for few more minutes you will soon be able to use Norton 360 without and interference. So below mentioned are series of step to get back at using Norton 360.

Solution 1: – Try reinstalling Norton 360. Use our Norton reinstall tool to do the same. Download the Norton remove and reinstall tool from the web. Go to its path location open it and go forward it will remove the Norton from your system and restart your system and again pop up to reinstall it go ahead with it enter your license number and sit back and relax while it reinstall. This method should help you with your problem.

Solution 2: – Check your storage see that the drive in which usually C drive where Norton 360 is installed has enough storage. For latest systems minimum 5Gb of space should be there for smooth functioning and old PC’s running on windows 7 and older versions minimum1Gb free space should be there. If it is not there try freeing up some space. This should solve your problem

Solution 3: – If your problem is still not solved, we are really sorry for that. This solution should help you. Every system come with RAM and ROM. RAM is the memory which applications, software’s and files use to run which gets fully used when many background programmes are running which can be easily freed up. If the RAM is not free it makes your Pc slow and freezes it and does not let new programmer from running and your system hangs if multiple programmes are running and you have problem in closing them. Sometimes even viruses eat up your space. Therefore, it is recommended to close the background applications. If you are not able to open task manager by using shortcut Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete key the task manger will open. You will see the list of programmes running on your system and the space they are using see it and close the programmes which you don’t need this should free up your RAM and solve your problem.

Solution 4: – Delete temporary and junk files these files are parasites for your system that feeds on the host that is your system. These files are created automatically by use of internet etc. These files take up whole lot of space in your system and protect other files from running and cause unexpected errors search for them by typing ”Temp” or “%Temp” in the RUN and then a folder will open up select all the files and delete them and even empty your recycle bin after deleting them.

Solution 5: – There is already an antivirus in your system. The latest PC’s come with Windows defenders which is also a form of antivirus but does not provide overall protection like on internet so before installing Norton 360 it is recommended to turn it off or in case if you have any other antivirus uninstall it.

Solution 6: – You tried everything still your problem isn’t solved don’t worry we have highly trained people who will solve your problems in no matter of time. Norton customer support it is available online we even have virtual assistants that will help you with your problem and in case you need extra help we have Norton customer support number +1 888-309-0939 our executives will run live diagnosis and solve your problem soon. They will suggest you number of ways doing which you will be soon able to access your Norton 360.