Norton antivirus is one of the best antivirus software that can be used to protect your device. You PC where each software can have access to the entire system is where Norton comes into the scenario, to protect your device from all the unwanted bugs in the PC. The destructive potential of malicious software on windows is much bigger and this is why we must keep our Antivirus software up to date for better protection. You can keep the “Norton Antivirus Renewal” turned on to save the hassle and to ensure the smooth functioning of the software on your device. You have the option to turn it off anytime you would like. This will not only ensure the safety of your device but also keep you carefree. Reach out to the Norton technical support number or Norton customer support for more information.

Norton Support Number

If you do not wish to uninstall Norton application from the computer system then we recommend you to switch on the “Norton Antivirus renewal” for seamless functioning of the product. Norton applications do not completely gets uninstalled from your device. There are always traces of a Norton product that is left behind in your computer and it is so as to prepare your computer device to prepare your system for the new Norton installations.

 When can Norton application be a conflict on your device?

  • When the user is trying to uninstall the new version or while installing a non-Norton Antivirus Product.
  • Norton removal tool can also be used when the installation of a certain Norton product is not completed or has failed during the procedure of installing it.
  • When the older version of Norton product is still on the system. Hence making the new updates or upgrades or non-Norton products downloads a problem.
  • It also removes any damage done by the viruses or upgrades problems during the procedure of installation.

Note: It is recommended that you back up your data before removing the Norton application from your system.

Norton Technical Support Is available for you 24×7 for any queries or helps you might need.

Where can I get Norton Removal Tool?

The Norton removal tool is free of cost.  It is available for downloading onto your device from the Norton website. It can be useful to uninstall the outdated Norton applications.

How to Use the Norton Removal Tool?

  1. Go to the Norton Removal Tool main page.
  2. Select the product which best describes your situation.
  3. Make sure that you have backed up your product key number.
  4. Prepare your computer for the Norton removal tool.
  5. Click on the “download” button for the Norton removal tool which is at the bottom of the page.  It usually takes 1-5 minutes to download it.
  6. Execute the file once it has been downloaded into your system.
  7. The on-screen instructions must be followed for removing the desired Norton product.
  8. The process takes about ten minutes before the actual removal process is handled by the tool.


  • The computer will restart more than once during the process. The procedure should not be hindered or interfered with.
  • Take note of the product key before removing the Norton product from your system so that it becomes easy for you to re-install it when required.
  • Close all the Norton products or any other antivirus software while following the procedure given by the Norton removal tool.
  • it is very important that the computer or the laptop is connected to a power source to prevent the process from stopping. It could damage the Norton product more than the ability of the tool to resolve it.
  1. Uninstall the Norton removal tool by going to the “Add/Remove programs” section of the computer.

You can reach out to the Norton Support Number for detailed knowledge of the procedure if you have any doubts. The Norton support team will provide you with step by step assistance for the same.