You PC where each software can have access to the entire system is where Norton comes into the scenario, to protect your device from all the unwanted bugs in the PC. The destructive potential of malicious software on windows is much bigger. Besides creating problems, they can intervene in the performance of your PC. Antivirus on windows machines is needed to learn malware & viruses. Some of these antiviruses’ suites have also URL filtering capabilities which provide secure browsing. But as you know many new malware and viruses are created each day hence creating the need for permanent Antivirus software that you can rely on to protects your data. Norton 360 got it covered for you.

Norton 360

Norton 360 antivirus is one of the best antivirus software that can be used to Protect your device. The various versions of Norton Antivirus are 13.0, 14.0,15.0, etc. Norton Antivirus can be installed in Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. You can also turn on the Norton Antivirus Renewal to ensure the smooth functioning of the software on your device. Reach out to the Norton 360 support number for more information. You can also reach out to the  Norton 360 Technical Support or Norton support number for detailed information on Norton products.

Norton 360 also protects the computer from potential hackers. It has an embedded computer firewall.  if the firewall has not been configured to permit virtual private network (VPN) connectivity then it might be an issue when you are working on your device. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) and websites can have access to your location, chats and emails if your wireless connection is unsecured.  This information can be stolen from you making you an easy victim of cybercrime.

Norton 360 secure VPN encrypts your sensitive data so that you can use the public network in a secure way.  It creates a virtual private network that helps in the encryption.

Download the Norton Secure VPN app on Windows or Mac

  1. Open your browser
  2. Go to
  3. Click on “Sign In.”
  4. Enter your Norton account details.
  5. Click on “Sign In.”
  6. Go to “My Norton page”
  7. Click on “Secure VPN.”
  8. Click on “Download.”
  9. Open the file Downloaded by you.
  10. Do the following:
    • Windows: Follow the instructions shown on the screen to complete the installation
    • Mac: You will be required to open the applications folder and drag Norton secure VPN icon into it.
  1. Launch the Norton Secure VPN application.

Note: If you are using Mac, you will be asked to provide the administrator password while launching Norton secure VPN.
12. Sign in to Norton Secure VPN by entering your Norton account credentials.

Installing the Norton 360 Secure VPN app on Android or iOS

  1. Download Norton Secure VPN on your device.
    • Open Play Store if you have an Android device and search for Norton secure VPN. You will be required to accept the terms of services before being able to download it on the device.
    • Open the app store and search for Norton secure VPN.
  2. Search for Norton Secure VPN in the results of your respective store.
  3. Follow either of the instruction based on the device you have:
    • If you are using an Android device then click on “install” and tap on “Accept and download.”
    • If you are an iOS user then tab “get” and tap “install.” You will be required to sign in to your Apple account
  4. Click on “allow” if you get a pop-up Norton Secure VPN Would Like to Add VPN Configurations.
  5. Follow the instructions show to you on the screen.

To ensure seamless and effective working of Norton 360 on your device you can also switch on Norton Antivirus Renewal from your Norton 360 account.  Norton Antivirus renewal can be turned off later if you wish to. Norton 360 Support Number Can be reached out to know more about the Norton Antivirus renewal program. Norton 360 Technical Support can be of greater help if you are unable to follow the above-given instructions.

Call Norton Support number for any help regarding the antivirus software Norton 360. Apart from the above issue if you have any queries related to the software then it is advised to get in touch with the team of technicians by dialing Norton Customer Support Number and speak with the team directly. Our team will help in resolving the issues instantly once you contact them. You can also connect with Norton 360 via live chat or email.