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Norton error 12029

Norton 360 provides you with a wide range of affordable plans which is specifically designed according to the customer needs and also we provide you with an auto-renewal facility hence keeping your data safe. We claim that we will provide a refund in case our software fails to detect any kind of viruses may it be existing or upcoming. We provide you with regular updates that enhance the security and entrust the consumers with Norton 360 Technical Support to fix any errors like Norton Error Code 12029.

Some of the most widespread explanations for experiencing this Norton error Code 12029 are mentioned below-

  • The SEPM server is not working properly.
  • The SEPM host is obstructing traffic
  • A firewall or proxy server is affecting the SEPM host to block the traffic.
  • The SEP client is conveying via HTTPS while the SEP manager is not configured to allow HTTPS.

Simple steps to resolve Norton error 12029

  • Test if the SEP manager communications port has been configured while or after you are done with the installation; if the case is the same, then the communications port need to be set to 8014 which is the default SEP.
  • Uninstall Norton and then reinstall it.
  • Norton Remove and Reinstall tool must be downloaded.
  1. Save the file on your desktop if the file is not automatically saved to its default location.
  2. Navigate to the downloaded icon and double-tap.
  3. Agree to the license agreement or the program would not work.
  4. Tap Remove & Reinstall or Remove only which solely depends upon your needs.
  5. Tap Continue.
  6. Reboot your system once you are done with the removal.
  7. After rebooting your system, follow the instructions shown on the screen to reinstall Norton.

In case you fail to follow the steps mentioned above you can reach Norton 360 Technical Support to fix Norton Error Code 12029.

  • The time when Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Service is not operating
  • Make sure that the SEP Manager Server is operating.
  1. Test if the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager was installed again lately.
  2. If the case is the same, then check if the Database backup and server certificates were revived or not.
  3. If the SEPM was not installed without restoring the Database backup or the server certificates, instantly replace the sylink file on all the clients.
  4. Utilize the “Sylink Replacer” utility to do the same.
  • In case the Windows Firewall is blocking the SEP client from connecting on port 8014, kindly go through the steps mentioned hereunder :
  1. Navigate to administrative tools.
  2. Now, open the Windows Firewall Advanced Settings window.
  3. Look for “Inbound Rules”, and then select “Create New Rule” through options.
  4. In a similar window, you need to go to “Ports & Protocol”.
  5. Directly, choose TCP port 8014.
  6. Enable the traffic for only Domain.
  7. Shut down the settings window and refresh your system. The traffic should move smoothly now.
  • A Proxy server may be obstructing the SEPM server on port 8014.

Carefully find the proxy server causing the stoppage and then create an exclusion for it so that the traffic can resume reaching the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager on port 8014 normally.

  • The custom management server list is configured for HTTPS but the website in IIS is not configured for SSL but

Now and again, SEP clients arranged for HTTPS correspondence attempt to do as such without having designed SSL for the site in IIS.

  1. Arrange an SSL certificate in the IIS onsite.
  2. Change the communication setting from HTTPS to HTTP in the Management Server List.

In case you face issues while following the steps mentioned above you can reach the Norton Customer Service via different means as mentioned below.

  1. Norton 360 Support Number

In case you face any kind of issues while availing the services provided by Norton you can directly call the Norton Technical Support Number and the best thing about the customer support is that you can call them anytime you face issue may it be 4’o clock in the morning  or 2 o clock late night

We are here for you available 27X7 and seven days a week you can also speak to us in your local languages or can contact us via your local phone numbers. May it is the most trivial issue just give a call Norton Support Number; the customer support team will resolve all your issues. May it be Norton error 12029 or any kind of issue?

  1. Live Chat

You can chat with the highly skilled agents to resolve all your problems not only limited to one issue but also any other queries it is also one of the fastest ways after the Norton Technical Support Number to resolve your queries, chat support is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week even if you are technically disabled the agents will remotely assist you even being technically disabled is not a hindrance in availing the services provides by Norton 360 and the best thing about the same is that you will get easy assistance with a little or no waiting time, Norton technical support allows the customer to contact the highly skilled support team by which they can tell their problems to the support team and hence allowing a better communication and effective steps in resolving the NORTON ERROR 12029.

  1. Norton Forums

Norton community is a place where Norton clients, representatives, and others inspired by discourse can meet online to talk about our items and related points. Regardless of whether you have an issue with your Norton item, you have a framework adjust question.  There is always a chance that you will already find the answers for your queries in the Norton Forums and hence the same will allow you to resolve the query by yourself and hence saving a lot of valuable time. In case you don’t find the solution for the problem give us a call at our Norton Support Number, we will resolve your queries in no time and make your task easy.

  1. Norton Social Support

You can reach us through social media platforms like Twitter. We will resolve your Norton error 12029 and resolve any other issues while availing the services provided by Norton 360. We are utilizing every means via which we can resolve the issues faced by our valuable customers; you always have the Norton 360 support number through which your queries will be resolved in a flawless manner.

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