We are living in digital age this age comes with it’s own pros and cons in this age the enemy is not on the battlefield but attacking you digitally hiding thousands of kilometers away from you behind a computer screen and it is very difficult to identify such an enemy because these enemy acts as your friend and then send files to your computer or digital device to steal your sensitive information your social security number, bank details your insurance details and even your personal images. The viruses can corrupt your system beyond repair but these threats shouldn’t stop you from getting online. The Internet has made life a lot easy but it comes with its own threats so it is recommended that you take precautions and the best precaution. There are accidents on road but that doesn’t stop you from driving rather you take safety you get a insurance, fasten the seatbelt get a car with airbags and most importantly you drive responsibly, Similarly in case of cyber threats and attacks it is recommended to use an antivirus and when we talk about antivirus Norton stands out from its competitors Norton has developed Norton 360 for all your cybersecurity needs it comes with a VPN to hide your location, a strong firewall to protect you from Cybercriminals and malware attack, and Norton Internet security to protect you when you are surfing online it warns you when it smells a malicious website.

Norton Error 100

Besides all these features Norton has expert Norton technical support which helps you with all the issues you face while using Norton 360 from the time of installation till your subscription is there and even after that doesn’t matter if you use a trial version of Norton 360.

In this blog we are going to talk about Norton Error Code 100 why this error code is seen or faced by the user what are its symptoms how can you solve the problem of Norton error 100 by troubleshooting and running a diagnosis we are going to suggest a variety of reasons why this error is faced and series of measures with step by step guide on how to apply those steps to remove the error. In the end, we are also going to talk about Norton Technical Support and Norton 360 support number and how to connect to them for your queries.

What is Norton error code 100?

Norton error code 100 is a runtime error code which stops the Norton 360 security from running all of a sudden. If this code is seen multiple times and on regular basis then your system is at the potential threat of a virus or other type of cyber attack because this error is stopping the Norton 360 antivirus from running which means it is not running a live scan in the background and you are risking your device security so it is recommended that you should do something at the earliest to solve the problem of Norton error 100. Norton Error Code 100 comes with a description Error 100: Norton 360 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. This error code comes without a warning which is common for most of the runtime error codes. This error force stops the Norton 360 and even further stops it from running next time.

Reasons for Norton error code 100?

  • The major reason for Norton error code can be a virus attack a virus is stopping Norton 360 from running acting as a system file in your PC.
  • The other reason for the runtime error can be a conflicting background program is open which is stopping the program to run
  • Any other antivirus is installed in your system which is stopping the Norton 360 from running
  • There isn’t sufficient disk space available in your system due to which the program is forced stopped.
  • The program might have not been fully or successfully installed or some file of Norton 360 might be missing.
  • Windows updates might be pending.
  • Your device might have not been connected to the internet for several of days due to which the program Norton 360 has not been updated or running an older version.
  • Runtime Libraries might be missing from your system which is stopping the antivirus to run.

How to fix Norton error 100?

Glad you have reached this part of the blog till now we figured about the Norton Error Code 100  why we see this error code what does it mean and number of possible reasons why you are seeing this error code in this part of the blog we are going to talk about how to solve the problem of this error code because it can be irritating to see the same error number of times on your screen and above all this error code is stopping the Norton 360 antivirus from running due to which your system is at high risk from virus attacks and other types of cyber threats which makes it urgent to deal with the problem. Without taking your much time we are suggesting number of ways using which you can solve the problem.

  1. Shut down the conflicting programmes:-There may be third-party software’s in your system which open on start-up and does not specifically need to be started this software can be installed by you or might be a virus to see the list of background programs running in your system you need to open the task manager which can be done by pressing the combination of “ CTRL + ALT+ DELETE” if you are using windows 10 your pc will reach the screen before the start-up and you will see task manager option there click on it and you will see list of background programs select the program which you think might be harming your system or which you feel suspicious this is trial and error method every time you close a program you have to see you receive Norton Error Code 100 the program which once ended and after which the runtime error cannot be seen is the conflicting program such program should be uninstalled from your system immediately.
  1. Uninstall any other antivirus or turn off windows defender: – It is a universal rule that in a device two antiviruses cannot work together due to their conflicting nature. If you have installed any other antivirus in your system then it is recommended that you uninstall it because none of the two will run at the same time. If you haven’t installed any other antivirus than your system by default comes with Windows defender which is a system antivirus which should be turned off before installing Norton 360 this protects Norton from opening and due to which you have been facing Norton runtime error 100.
  1. Insufficient disk space: – There is insufficient disk space in your system the disk in which your antivirus is installed due to which Norton 360 stops without warning it is advised to check the same and remove unnecessary programs from your system specifically from the drive where your antivirus is installed this should help you with the problem of facing Norton Error Code 100.
  1. Missing files or Incomplete installation: – Other reason as mentioned above is incomplete installation when a new software is installed it is necessary that the system is closed properly by shutting down so that the files which are installed are saved properly but same might not have been done due to which software is misbehaving or it might have also happened that while installation some files have been missed by the system to install or have been corrupted due to which Norton is not running properly though your installation was 100% complete but some files may have been missed so it is recommended that you install Norton reinstall tool from the internet this application will uninstall and reinstall the Norton 360 and repair the damaged files due to which you have been facing the Norton runtime error 100after reinstalling the program enter your activation code and see that if you are facing the problem or not if no congratulations and if it is yes continue reading the blog.
  1. Windows updates might be pending: – Windows regularly gives you updates which is recommended to install at the earliest these are security updates, driver updates, etc. Every update is important for your system and if not updated regularly your system becomes slow and due to which some programs might not run or unexpectedly close. So, check if there are any updates pending in your system or not. If yes install the immediately.
  1. Connect your device to internet: – Norton regularly send updates which is by default automatic in case it is manual check to it. If you haven’t connected your device to the internet since quite a time you have been missing on updates, therefore, it is recommended to update the Norton 360 to take full benefit of it and irregular updates make software obsolete therefore it is recommended to connect your system to the internet and update the antivirus.
  1. Runtime libraries might be missing: – You may receive such messages also MS Visual C++ package which might not be installed properly or completely. These are runtime libraries you might have mistakenly removed a file of it due to which they are not running and causing Norton error code 100. So, for this go to your control panel> go toad or remove programs in the list of its search for Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. Uninstall it by clicking over it. Restart your PC go to Microsoft website and install this redistributable package again this should solve your problem of Norton Error 100.

We have suggested the variety of measures to solve the problem of Norton runtime error code 100 and step by step guide on how to implement it. These methods should solve your problem and you should be back at using the Norton 360. However, if these measures have failed to solve your error you can read the next part of the blog. Where we talk about Norton Technical support how can you connect them and solve your problem?

Norton Technical Support: – Norton has millions of customers around the world and adding new persons every minute to the Norton secure family. Norton Believes in customer satisfaction and in modern-day customers isn’t fully satisfied unless he gets after-sales services.  Norton 360 support number +1888-309-0939 can be dialed at any point of time whenever a user faces any issue or for any query about Norton 360. Norton technical support employs highly trained executives at your disposal to solve your problem at the earliest. We have a dedicated team of executives who deal with thousands of users daily for their queries or other problems. They run the live diagnosis of the problem and suggest your variety of measures to solve the problem. Norton even has Norton chat support and online forums of users who are part of the Norton community who help users regarding their problems in articles.

Conclusion: – Norton has developed Norton 360 keeping in mind the present digital scenario and the needs of the users Norton is committed to protecting the user’s data, identity, device at all costs from the cyber attacker. Norton error codes are part of Norton antivirus which helps us understand what the problem is it’s like a reference code for the problem.  These error codes are shown due to various reasons. Norton error code 100 is a runtime error that stops the Norton antivirus without a warning. Which needs to be dealt with earliest. Norton technical support is always available 24*7 to help you with such errors.