Internet is dark and full of threats, which includes Virus attacks, Identity theft malware attacks and others, Cyber attackers are advancing themselves everyday to harm you so should you to protect yourself from these attacks and what’s best than taking the best protection Norton 360 which gives you internet security. Norton 360 is fast, smart and gives 360. Protection to you from Cyber-attacks. Norton 360 comes with a premium VPN, Norton internet security which keeps you safe in the ocean that is Internet. We are living in digital age this age comes with its own pros and cons in this age the enemy is not on the battlefield but attacking you digitally hiding thousands of kilometres away from you behind a computer screen and it is very difficult to identify such a enemy because these enemy acts as your friend and then send files to your computer or digital device to steal your sensitive information your social security number, bank details your insurance details and even your personal images.

Norton internet security

The viruses can corrupt your system beyond repair but these threats shouldn’t stop you from getting online. Internet has made life a lot easy but it comes with its own threats so it is recommended that you take precaution and the best precaution. There are accidents on road but that doesn’t stop you from driving rather you take safety you get a insurance, fasten the seat belt get a car with airbags and most importantly you drive responsibly, Similarly in case of cyber threats and attacks it is recommended to use an antivirus and when we talk about antivirus Norton stands out from its competitors Norton has developed Norton 360 for all your cyber security needs  it comes with a VPN to hide your location, a strong firewall to protect you from Cyber criminals and malware attack, and Norton Internet security to protect you when you are surfing online it warns you when it smells a malicious website. Besides all these features Norton has expert Norton technical support which helps you with all the issues you face while using Norton 360 from the time of installation till your subscription is there and even after that doesn’t matter if you use a trial version of Norton 360.

In this blog we are going to talk about Norton Cannot activate, Norton Internet security Renewal why this error code is seen or faced by the user what are its symptoms how can you solve the problem of Norton cannot activate   by troubleshooting and running a diagnosis we are going to suggest variety of reasons why this error is faced and series of measures with step by step guide on how to apply those steps to remove the error. In the end we are also going to talk about Norton Support number and Norton 360 and how to connect to them for your queries.

When does user face Norton cannot activate issue?

Norton cannot activate issue is faced by users at the very first stage itself when the user installs the Norton antivirus from the CD or the link received in the email or internet. User has to enter the product key which he gets while purchasing the antivirus which activates the product and is to let us know that the software you are using is authentic and safe and every product key is registered with us. It helps in keeping Norton the record of customers. So firstly the Norton cannot activate issue is faced at the very first stage. Every time you uninstall the Norton antivirus and then reinstall it you have to enter that product key to start your subscription it should also be noted that your subscription will come to end just after one year from the first date when you activated Norton 360 in your system.

Why does user face Norton cannot activate issue?

There are just two reasons for this problem first is the product key entered by you is wrong. Whenever user enters a wrong product key the Norton system doesn’t recognize it and sends the message to the user that Norton cannot activate due to which you cannot take full benefits of Norton 360.  Which also makes your system vulnerable to threats and all kinds of viruses. Which can harm your system beyond repair that is why it is always suggested to keep your system installed with an antivirus. Entering the wrong product key stops from installing the Norton 360 in your system. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully check the product key and then enter it into the box where it is asked to fill and then press enter this should most probably solve your Norton cannot activate issue.

Another, reason for this problem is that your previous subscription of Norton 360 has expired which brings an end to Norton Internet Security as well. Norton provides a year subscription in most of the cases whenever user purchases an antivirus which has to be renewed after every year. Which can be done using variety of methods. If you downloaded the Norton 360 trial software it may have come to end after which you have to pay yearly subscription fees to continue taking benefits of it. For Norton Internet Security Renewal you can try suggested measures.

If you have installed the Norton 360 using a C.D and your subscription has come to end you can purchase Norton 360 latest C.D again and enter the product key you have received with it to fix your Norton 360 cannot activate issue

Another method which you can try is Login to your Norton account in the Norton website and check your subscription details if it has already expired then you can pay online for Norton Internet security renewal.  This will restart your membership with us and Norton will again start guarding your system

If you had been using a trial version of the software from the internet you can download and subscribe to full subscription of Norton 360 by making an account with Norton where you can purchase full version of Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security.  A link will be sent to your email id which you have registered with Norton which will be a download link to your full and activated version of Norton internet security and Norton 360. After purchasing the full version of Norton 360 your system will be guarded against all the potential threats which are known as well as unknown ones.

Install Norton reinstall tool:- If you have been facing the issue not due to above mentioned reasons which is by any other reason in itself you can install Norton reinstall tool which will uninstall and look for problems with the antivirus it is a diagnostic tool this will first uninstall Norton Internet Security or Norton 360  from your system and then reinstall it fixing all the previous problem and this should also fix the problem of non-activation which you are facing.

Norton customer Support: – Norton has millions of customers around the world and adding new persons every minute to the Norton secure family. Norton Believes in customer satisfaction and in modern day customer isn’t fully satisfied unless he gets after sales services.  Norton 360 support number +1888-309-0939 can be dialed at any point of time whenever a user faces any issue or for any query about Norton 360. Norton technical support employs highly trained executives at your disposal to solve your problem at the earliest. We have a dedicated team of executives who deal with thousands of users daily for their queries or other problems. They run the live diagnosis of the problem and suggest your variety of measures to solve the problem. Norton even has Norton chat support and online forums of users who are part of Norton community who helps users regarding their problems in articles.

Conclusion: – Norton has developed Norton 360 keeping in mind present digital scenario and the needs of the users Norton is committed at protecting the user’s data, identity, device at all cost from the cyber attacker. Norton error codes are part of Norton antivirus which helps us understand what the problem is it’s like a reference code for the problem.  These error codes are shown due to various reasons.. Norton technical support is always available 24*7 to help you with such errors.